One Stop Source

We take care of all your advertising needs, beginning from the creation of concepts, research, production, implementation, execution and results.

Client Service

Our clients are our #1 priority, so we pride ourselves on offering personalized attention and detail to each client  and their respective campaigns

Forward Thinking

The potential of media technology is endless so we are continuously creating innovative programs to keep our client  needs aligned with the latest developments in the advertising industry.

Problem Solvers

We are a solution-oriented team and our optimist attitude gets us through any problem solving that may be needed to get your business ahead.

Innovating Media Group is a full service multicultural advertising agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a team that has 17+ years of experience serving brands. We are a results-driven agency that strives to over deliver four our clients. We not only help increase sales and strengthen brands (as any should do), but most importantly, we leverage our market knowledge and strong media relationships to maximize our clients budget.


The term “Innovating” refers to constant change and movement, and this is the nature of media and culture in America, as it is continuously evolving and growing. With this in mind, Innovating Media Group was born with the objective to serve clients as a resource for brands to fully engage with consumers and to provide action-driven messages by using an integrated marketing strategy that caters to a multicultural America. We use a full 360-degree advertising plan to cover all aspects of a campaign, ranging from traditional media (TV, Radio, Print) to New Media (Digital,) consumer events, customized promotions, sponsorships, product integration, and more.

We believe all media is interconnected and as cultures evolve, so do we, and that’s the approach we take as an agency to ensure our clients get the most out of their marketing dollars.